Yoga Classes


We offer corporate and private yoga classes. See details on each service below, along with information on how yoga benefits the mind and body.


Corporate Yoga Classes

A frightening proportion of employees are now feeling anxious, stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed on a regular basis, with 1 in 4 suffering from clinical mental illness, and at least 3 in 4 suffering from constant mental chatter affecting their focus, sleep and peace of mind.

Yoga is an ideal way to reduce this overwhelm, fatigue and mental chatter, enhancing clarity, happiness and balance in employees. There is both scientific evidence and thousands of years of experiential evidence to demonstrate Yoga's profound benefits on the mind and body, for both improving performance at work, and enhancing quality of life.

Corporate Yoga classes are perfect for:

  • providing employees with ongoing relaxation and exercise as part of your overall Well-being Strategy
  • enhancing engagement and connection between team members, acting as a health-promoting team-building activity
  • helping employees unwind and refresh during a busy season at the office
  • giving employees an activity to enhance their own happiness and quality of life.


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Private Yoga Lessons 

Whether you're an Executive, a busy parent, or you're simply ready to find some balance in your fast-paced life, private yoga lessons are perfect for achieving that well-deserved Me-Time and restoring energy in your body and mind.

The private practice allows you to receive a customised meditation that suits your individual goals and needs, along with receiving instructions for completing your own personal at-home practice if thats what you wish.

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Fun fact about Yoga! 

Francesco Totti and Ryan Giggs – arguably two of the world’s fittest soccer players of all time – both practice yoga daily. Like most athletes competing well into their 40’s, they attribute much of their strength and resilience to yoga!


Why do Yoga?

Yoga has been practised for thousands of years, created as a way to unite the mind and body, increasing mental and physical health. Yoga not only brings a long list of physiological benefits, but also significant psychological benefits that are being increasingly demonstrated by modern science.

  • increase strength and lean muscle mass,
  • increase flexibility,
  • increase energy,
  • improve circulation,
  • reduce stress,
  • lose weight,
  • improve athletic performance, endurance and stamina,
  • balance mind and body,
  • get in touch with your spiritual side,
  • connect with your intuition, or
  • just get some more 'me' time...

Considered a therapeutic practice due to its great ability to bring harmony and heal the body, yoga can be used to heal almost any injury or ailment. I have personally used yoga and meditation to recover from chronic fatigue and bring an abundance of energy and balance back into my body and my life.


What our clients are saying


Lores Perrino, Hairdresser 



“Yoga has helped me immensely with stress and anxiety. As such, I’m able to take time out in my busy workday and refresh. It has given me greater flexibility and strength, with reduced joint pain and I’m able to do daily activities with greater ease. I feel calmer, more in control and I know what exercises and stretches to do during my work day to avoid feeling stiff in my back or joints. These tips and tricks mean I feel more energised, focused and in control throughout my work day. Thanks for all your help, Rose!"

Anna, Director, Bookkeeper