One Month Refresh



Are you looking for a fun, engaging and innovative way to promote a healthy, high-performing culture in your workplace, that goes above and beyond the every day seminar?

Then look no further than our signature One Month Refresh. An interactive and holistic approach to building an engaged, energised and resilient team that is motivated to achieve their goals.


The One Month Refresh program has been conducted across numerous Australian organisations, including big four Banks, with demonstrated benefits in:

  • Increased revenue through productivity and performance improvements
  • Reduction in costs resulting from a decrease in absenteeism and sickness
  • Visible increase in resilience, energy and motivation levels, to handle the fast-paced, rapidly changing workplace with greater ease
  • Reported reduction in overwhelm, stress and anxiety
  • Increase in happiness and workplace satisfaction, as demonstrated in workplace surveys
  • Greater team engagement and connection with colleagues, feeling cared about
  • Greater health and fitness with reported improvements in diet, sleep and phsyical activity.
  • Reduction of key markers for disease reported by doctors of individual employees.


What is the One Month Refresh?

A 4-week holistic well-being program to inspire and teach your employees how to achieve balance and take control of all areas of their health and life.

The program is designed to help your employees reach their full potential, implementing simple and sustainable improvements in their diet and lifestyle in a fun and engaging way. The Refresh challenge promotes health and success in all areas of life, keeping employees accountable and helping them find balance in a way that sticks long after the month has concluded.

There are 4 modules:

Module 1 - Refresh you Diet

(eating for energy, disease prevention, overcome cravings, detoxification)

Module 2 - Refresh your Mind

(reduce stress, build resilience, calm and focus the mind, develop meditation & mindfulness practices)


Module 3 - Refresh your Body

(Improve your sleep, maintain enjoyable exercise, motivation and rewiring your brain to stick to new habits)


Module 4 - Refresh your Life

(achieve balance amongst your busy day, maintain healthy relationships, self-care, schedule your day for success)

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What's involved in the One Month Refresh?

The Healthy Points Challenge

Our signature challenge will keep your team's health front of mind as they embark on a journey to embed simple and sustainable changes into their diet and daily life. Each team member will receive their tracking chart to hold themselves accountable as they embed their 'healthy ingredients' into each day. Team members are encouraged to focus on all areas of their life, including diet, exercise, stress management, self-care, happiness, success and relationships.

Weekly Nutrition and Health Seminars

Your team comes together each week to learn and discuss a variety of health topics (as per the modules above), to help them make significant improvements to their health. These seminars provide your team with an opportunity to share ideas, challenges and success stories, to support one another through their program and promote further team engagement.

Private Health Consultations 

Private sessions provide team members with an opportunity to reach out to a Coach in a safe and friendly setting for additional support and to seek tailored recommendations and advice to help them reach their unique goals. Recognising that every team member is at a different level of health, the private coaching ensures all team members can get the most out of their Refresh.

Competitions with Prizes

To gain extra momentum and provide additional incentive for team members to focus on their health, where anyone can win, regardless of their level of health. Not needing to be a trained marathon runner to win a competition ensures all team members remain engaged and motivated!

Additional Recipes and Resources

Additional resources are sent to your team throughout the month  in the weekly newsletters to provide ongoing motivation, tips and tools to help them make practical steps required to achieve their goals. This includes quick and delicious recipes, meditation audios and at-home exercise videos.

Measuring Success

Measuring success is key, so we conduct surveys with your team prior to and shortly after the Program, to gain insights on the needs of your business and to measure progress. A Summary Report is prepared for your business outlining the team's success according to key indicators, along with any recommendations where further improvement may be required.

Keeping it up

Each team member receives further resources and recommendations after the Program to help them continue to develop the areas they felt most challenged. Your team is also offered the opportunity to continue the healthy points challenge so employees can remain accountable for their healthy changes and stay on track with achieving their goals. By continuing to keep their health front of mind, your business can continue seeing benefits.


Finer details

  • Teams of 20 to 35 people per group. Your workplace can conduct more than 1 team per month.
  • Programs can be booked for any 4 consecutive weeks through the year subject to availability, and excepting December and January.
  • All we need from you is room bookings for the 4 weekly workshops. Contact us for room requirements.


Ready to get started?

Contact us for a quote and to book your Workplace Refresh.


What others are saying

"The Refresh program was a really enjoyable way to boost my health and create a work-life balance. Each week we focused on a different aspect of health and well-being so that by the end of the program we had covered the full spectrum, including nutrition, exercise, goal settings, productivity and mindfulness as well as relationships. My productivity and focus at work has greatly increased. Each week I made small changes that have collectively made a big difference to my well-being and energy levels. I found Rosanna to be incredibly supportive, approachable and full of knowledge and experience. I’d highly recommend all busy professionals take the Refresh program, particularly those who work in a fast paced corporate environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your team and together make small and easy changes that have a big impact on your health and productivity at work."

- Anita Kelsall, Digital Product Manager, Women in Focus, Commonwealth Bank


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