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Nutrition is such a hot topic these days!

Even after all the publicity that diets receive, the vast range of healthy recipe books, and the constant launch of new supplements and medications, obesity and chronic diseases are on the rise!

Food can literally change your life. When you start eating in a way that nourishes and balances your body, you won't just reduce your risk of disease and maintain a healthy weight (although that is quite incredible in itself) you will also reduce cravings, have mountains of energy and enhance your mental clarity.

The food on your plate directly affects your skin, hair and nails. So when you start eating nutrient-packed foods, your skin, hair and nails will become healthier and you will glow. Unhealthy foods, such as processed, sugary foods, affect your mental state, which can lead you to feel depressed at times, experiencing mood swings and affecting your capacity to learn new information. So by reducing unhealthy foods and replacing them with nutritious natural meals, you will feel happier, refreshed and begin to thrive at home and at work!

So how do you become truly healthy?

The way to live a healthy and happy life is not by crash dieting and its certainly not through being hard on yourself, feeling ashamed of your body or your daily routine. The way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is by incorporating simple healthy habits into your day in a way that allows them to stick!

Starting off slow with simple habits is key, as this will ensure your body doesn't go into shock and rebel against your new-found health. Achieving a 'balance' in your diet and lifestyle is essential to feeling great now and well into your later years.

Its not just about the food on your plate!

You may have noticed yourself that eating large amounts of green vegies alone does not lead to a fulfilling life. You need all the areas of your life to fulfil you so that you can be truly healthy in every way. This means taking control of your lifestyle, minimising stress, loving the work you do, maintaining healthy and supportive relationships, finding exercise you love and doing something every day that lights you up.


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  • D.I.Y Energise Course: 8 Steps to an Energised Life is a simple 8-step guide to overcome fatigue, multiply your energy and start living every day fully. You will discover powerful tools, ancient wisdom and science-based techniques that are shared in our Recipe for Health corporate and online programs. These gems of wisdom or are now available for just a fraction of the price and the convenience of a succinct, printer-friendly eBook. From eating for energy, to instant stress reduction techniques, to learning how to harness a positive mindset, this book is a must-have guide for anyone who wants to get more out of their day!
  • Socialise healthfully: Is your problem remaining in control at social get togethers, devouring all the unhealthy food and drinks placed in front of you? It's not your fault! Temptation can often get the best of us, which is why it's better not to face temptation at all. Socialise in healthy style with our health food catering services. Delicious and nutritious health food catering to meet your dietary needs and ensure your guests feel satisfied. Don't worry - our team comes from an Italian background, so we won't be leaving your guests hungry or unsatisfied! Find out more information here.
  • Private Workshops: A customised half day program where you discover your unique ingredients for finding balance in your diet and lifestyle. This workshop is tailored to overcome your specific concerns that are holding you back, so you can gain the energy, peace of mind and passion to live every day fully. Click here to learn more.
  • Recipes to get you started: Check out our blog for some delicious and nutritious recipes that you can create for your and your family. We're busy people and we assume you are too, so our recipes are specifically designed with you in mind. Simple and quick to prepare - even during your busiest weeks!


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