Meditation Classes


Corporate Meditation Classes

Are you tired, overwhelmed or anxious, with constant mental chatter clouding your thinking?

Firstly, you're not alone.

And secondly, you're in the right place!

In today’s society, it’s almost impossible not to feel stressed or anxious at some point through your day. Over 3 in 4 people are suffering from regular overwhelm and a constant mental chatter that prevents them from getting quality sleep.

Meditation is one of the most brilliant and simple practices that you can include in your daily ritual to reduce the mind chatter, reduce tension, enhance your clarity and focus, and bring about a feeling of peace, plus enhancing your productivity, creativity and performance in the office.

Meditation is the fastest proven way to physically shift your body from the state of “fight or flight” (where you feel wired and constantly switched 'on') and into a state of relaxation, enabling you to access the part of your brain that allows you to think logically and make better decisions (handy for the work day!). Entering this state of relaxation is also essential for allowing all of your bodily systems like digestion, detoxification and immunity, to function optimally.

An increasing amount of research is being conducted to demonstrate how meditation has  profound effects on the human body and mind, and flow on effects that enhance your daily life and career success, including:

  • reducing stress and anxiety,
  • increasing mental clarity and focus,
  • overcoming negative patterns and fears,
  • rebuilding brain cells,
  • making better decisions,
  • reducing the ageing process,
  • improving brain function and memory,
  • improving sleep,
  • increasing immunity and helps you fight disease,
  • increasing attention span, and
  • enhancing your capacity for happiness, to learn, grown and contribute.

Corporate Meditation Classes are a perfect way to help your employees get back in control of their mental health and regain focus.

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Private Meditation Lessons 

Whether you're an Executive, a busy mum, a tired shift-worker or you're simply ready to find some balance in your fast-paced life, private meditation lessons are perfect for calming the mind and reducing mental chatter, reducing anxiety and stress, and to enhance your positivity and peace of mind.

The private practice allows you to receive a customised meditation that suits your individual goals and needs, along with receiving instructions for completing your own personal at-home practice if thats what you wish.

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Fun Fact about Meditation! 

Meditating each day is how Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Hugh Jackman and many other busy, successful people find balance amongst their busy lives so they can achieve more in their day!

successful people who meditate


FREE meditation for you 

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Is meditation hard?

Meditation can sound intimidating. The idea of sitting still and ‘not thinking of anything’ can sound impossible to many. However meditation is actually very simple.

Let me show you by doing a practice together right now! Here goes....

  1. Sit comfortably wherever you and start by taking a deep breath in through your nose. (If you have sinus problems, stick to your mouth - not a problem!)
  2. As you inhale, feel the breath move deep into your body.
  3. Then slowly exhale through your nose as you feel your belly deflate.
  4. Repeat that 3 more times breathing slowly and smoothly each time. Count to 4 seconds on the way in and 4 seconds on the way out if that helps with keeping a slow and smooth pace.

How did that feel?

Guess what…. You just meditated! Great job.


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What our clients are saying

“Experiencing reduced stress and anxiety, I find myself far more relaxed, in control and focused throughout my day. The increased energy and mental clarity I have means I’m more productive in my work and feel happier in my life. My sleep has improved and I now wake up feeling refreshed”.

– Marie Simone, Marketing Director, Manta Group Pty Ltd.