Keynote to empower your people

Are you looking to reduce stress, increase resilience and create a happier, more engaged culture in your workplace?

Invite Rosanna Lauria - Founder of Recipe for Health and Global Expert in Resilience and Mastering the Mind - to your next event to empower your guests to take responsibility for their wellbeing, learning how to reduce anxiety and deal with adversity with greater positivity. With a focus on changing attitudes and mindsets, your guests will become more resilient and focused, so that higher engagement and productivity levels are a natural consequence.


Partnering with Commvault and Diverse City Careers to teach women how to increase confidence and wellbeing by being more 'human'.

Rosanna has worked with high profile executives domestically and internationally, and has partnered with some of Australia's largest employers in the Banking, FMCG and IT industries to teach their employees how to reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience and motivation and achieve their full potential.

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Presenting at CommBank to teach leaders how to be more empathetic and help employees who struggle with stress and anxiety


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Partnering with Bank of Queensland to teach women how to increase resilience and find balance amongst their busy schedules.


Meet Rosanna Lauria: Global Expert and Keynote Speaker on Resilience, Mastering Mental Chatter and Embracing your 'Human-ness'


After living a life that was immensely fast-paced and intense, without adequately looking after her health, Rosanna became bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome. This left Rosanna unable to pursue the career she worked so hard to build and unable to enjoy life fully with her family and friends.

Discovering firsthand what it takes to restore energy and balance and to become effortlessly resilient to stay ahead in this busy world, Rosanna will empower your guests to take responsibility for their health and find balance so they can become the best versions of themselves.

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Rosanna will share her inspiring, heart-warming - and sometimes a little bit crazy - journey to health along with the most important ingredients for beating overwhelm and fatigue and creating an energised and passionate life.

Coming from the corporate world, your guests will relate to Rosanna and feel understood, as she shares simple and practical strategies that will help your guests get back in the driver's seat of their health and become the most successful and fulfilled version of themselves.

"I felt like you were talking about me the whole time!" is what we hear audience members say time and time again after listening to Rosanna share her relatable, relevant and candid experiences, fears and 'failures' that audience members can resonate with and instantly learn from.



Rosanna'a popular "It's OK to be Human" keynote will resonate with every one of your employees and is highly recommended for leadership conferences, helping to create greater empathy, emotional intelligence and confidence in your executive team. Rosanna makes it simple for audience members to identify the fears and mental habits that have created excess stress and prevented them from putting their health first. She provides fun and practical strategies for becoming instantly more resilient, happier and embracing vulnerability with ease and confidence.

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