Group Workshops


The current work environment is fast-paced and rapidly changing, causing overwhelm, stress and uncertainty to employees. Employees require support and training for how to remain balanced, energised and resilient amongst these busy, unceretain times that are not expected to slow down anytime soon.

Our deep dive workshops allow employees to go deep on various well-being topics, allowing them to understand how their minds and bodies work so they can take proactive action to remain healthy and energised. The workshops allow employees to understand why they think and behave the way they do, why they haven't achieved their desired outcome yet, and use in-class and at-home exercises to start changing their habits instantly to achieve their desired results.

Our workshops range from 1 hour to 2.5 hours according to your curriculum needs and the time your team has available.

20 to 35 people recommended per group.


Each of the following topics can be provided as a single workshop, or you can combine topics to create a longer workshop.

  • Boosting resilience and dealing with change
  • Reducing mental chatter and improving sleep
  • Reprogramming the brain to create good habits that stick
  • Nutrition, disease prevention and beating cravings
  • Meditation and Mindfulness course
  • Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
  • Creating balance amongst a busy life


Our most popular workshops are:


1. Master your mind

Are your employees suffering from constant mental chatter?

Do they feel overwhelmed on a regular basis, struggling to keep up with the constant change thats going on in the workplace?

Do they have mental patterns or negative self-talk that stop them from achieving their potential at work?

This workshop allows participants to go behind the scenes in their mind, to understand why they behave the way they do and learn how to overcome those mental patterns that hold them back from achieving their potential and most fulfilling life.

They discover techniques to instantly reduce mental chatter and feelings of overwhelm, so they can live with greater clarity and peace of mind.


2. Energise Mind & Body

Energy is the true currency of health.

Your employees will learn what it takes to cleanse and energise their bodies, understanding how to eat for sustained energy and brain power, along with enhancing the body's natural detoxification process for enhanced energy and balance.

Then they learn how to clear and strengthen their minds, so they can remain focused through their busy workday and get more out of their days. From nutrition, to mental health and sleep, we provide simple strategies that participants can implement immediately to have more energy every day.


3. Meditation Workshop

A 2015 NSW workplace survey showed that over 60% of workers are feeling overwhelmed and tired on a regular basis. Furthermore, 65% said they had difficulty sleeping due to constant mind chatter.

Meditation is a proven technique for calming and focusing the mind, increasing energy and enhancing resilience to get through today's fast-paced, rapidly-changing workplace with greater ease, focus and peace of mind.

The world's most successful influencers and entrepreneurs meditate daily to bring about focus and clarity in their minds and allow them to get through their hectic schedules without the overwhelm and anxiety - from Oprah, to Bill Gates, to Arianna Huffington and so many more.

Meditation is proven to enhance creativity, reduce depression, and increase motivation to stick to new healthy habits and achieve goals.

This workshop teaches participants how to develop their own meditation and mindfulness practice that suits their lifestyle and their unique needs, along with providing bonus themed meditation recordings for participants to take home.


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Additional workshops

If your team wants to take a deep dive on a topic not mentioned above, such as nutrition or sleep, contact us to discuss more options.