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Enable your employees to Perform at their Potential.

Over 70% of Australian employees experience stress and overwhelm on a regular basis, with many more struggling with other aspects of their physical and emotional wellbeing.

This makes it impossible for your employees to be productive and perform at their full capacity at work, inflating your business costs and impacting profits. Plus, individual happiness and health has declined, taking an enormous toll on personal relationships and quality of life.

As an employer with a duty of care to protect the wellbeing of your people, we know you want to do your utmost to protect your people and provide a safe environment for them.

And that’s why we’re here to help...


The Current Impacts to your business that we will address together

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How to create Lasting Wellbeing and Engagement in your workplace

It's time to make wellbeing and happiness not just normal but effortless in the workplace, to ensure your people can sustain their high performance and an adequate quality of life.

Our difference is our focus on changing attitudes. To get value out of your corporate wellness programs, you MUST focus on transforming attitude and state of mind. Only then can you create sustainable wellbeing and engagement, adequately mitigate HR risk and improve the lives of your employees, all while increasing their productivity and performance. 

Here are ways we can work together.


Consulting & Advisory

We work with organisations to design and implement a long-term people strategy that ensures your leaders and employees are SAFE, MOTIVATED, SKILLED and SUPPORTED to be healthy, engaged and productive in the workplace. Our original, proven formula ensures lasting results that removes stigma and fears and creates community in the workplace. 

To learn more about our consulting and advisory services, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation and to receive an information pack. Email 


Education & Support

Our fun and original mental health and wellbeing programs have a proven track record in reducing stress in 100% of participants and increasing wellbeing and engagement levels across the business.

Our success isn't only attributed to our holistic, evidence-based content... Our approach creates trust between employees and our relatable, empathetic facilitators, with convenient, practical strategies and tools that allow the busiest of professionals to maintain balance. 

We focus on increasing intrinsic motivation, building sustainable habits, taking personal responsibility, changing mindsets and creating lasting healthy behaviours that create health in the body, clarity in the mind, and success in life. 

Email us at for your complimentary consultation to learn how we can work together, or see more details below:

  1. Our most popular Holistic Wellbeing & Mental Health Program - The One Month Refresh.
  2. Bespoke Workshops - Tailor the topics to your business' needs and goals
  3. Leadership Development workshops - helping leaders become more resilient and healthy, while also learning strategies for maintaining a healthy, engaged team


Keynote to Empower (and Entertain!) your People

Invite Rosanna Lauria, Founder of Recipe for Health, to your next team event or industry conference to inspire your employees to take control of their health and find balance, so that higher engagement and productivity are a natural consequence.

After living a life that was immensely fast-paced and intense, Rosanna became bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome. Discovering firsthand what it takes to restore energy and balance and to become effortlessly resilient to stay ahead in this busy world, Rosanna will empower your guests to take responsibility for their health and find inspiration to become the best versions of themselves, all in a fun and very relatable way. 

Read more here.


Why work with us?

We understand the challenges and demands that your employees face because our staff have all come from corporate careers. They have also overcome their own health challenges, learning firsthand what it takes to find balance and achieve energy and resilience amongst a busy life. Thats why our programs and strategies are all simple and realistic so that even the busiest of executives can find the time and energy to implement these tactics and see real results.

We've worked with some of the biggest companies in Australia, like Commonwealth Bank, NAB, IAG, Mars Ltd and Bankwest, with very successful results against all metrics.

Contact us to set up your complimentary consultation by emailing to find out how we can help your workplace create sustainable wellbeing and performance. 


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