Have A Mouthwatering Christmas (my fave festive recipes)

  With Christmas around the corner, its time to pick out some mouthwatering recipes to make for Christmas day. This year I'm in charge of salad for lunch at my in-laws and then I'll take dessert to my godparents' place in the afternoon (which will probably leak into dinner and then more dessert...) Whether you're in charge of sweets, sides, or just looking for some festive snacks to give you comfort through the silly season, […] Read More


Healthy Berry Donuts

I fell in love with Jamie Oliver's Superfood Family Classics cookbook and was dying to recreate his breakfast donuts. Even though his recipes are quite healthy, I wanted to turn them gluten-free and dairy-free so I - and all of you reading - can enjoy them completely guilt-free, no matter your dietary needs. The donuts are very easy to make, although give yourself a good half hour from start to finish. You can eat them for […] Read More

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How to stop bottling up emotions that come back to bite you

  We’ve all been there… As a young girl or boy, someone made you so angry, all you wanted to do was punch them in the face. Or someone did something that made you feel extraordinary resentment and blame towards them. Or something you did to someone else made you feel incredible guilt. And then an irreversible disaster happened that created overwhelming sadness and grief inside of you. If you pause for a moment, you […] Read More


Need Help Meditating?

Have you said to yourself on numerous occasions that you will start your own regular meditation practice... but then it never seems to stick? Meditation without a doubt will help you reduce the stress, anxiety, exhaustion and constant mental chatter from your day.   But perhaps you've used excuses like "I don't have time", or "It's too hard; my mind keeps wondering", or "I don't know how to meditate!" If so, this will help...   I've compiled […] Read More

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(Podcast) 3 Golden Nuggets for More Energy and Less Stress

Want to feel more in control? Want more peace of mind and less stress? How about more energy and less exhaustion? Then you'll enjoy this podcast where I was interviewed by Catherine Plano of the I AM WOMAN Project. Listen here where I share my story of overcoming chronic fatigue and restoring my health. Make sure you listen to the end where I share 3 golden nuggets that will transform your energy and help you […] Read More


How to stop others dictating how you feel (Video)

  One of the most common challenges I see people face when it comes to their happiness is that they don’t feel in control of their feelings, and that they let the words or behaviours of others dictate how they feel. They allow others’ negative energy to affect them. For many people, this stops them being happy every day. If you’re sitting there thinking that you have people in your life that make you feel […] Read More