Feel happier in 1 simple step

Whenever I do a talk at a workplace, or speak to someone in a 1:1 consultation, I always get asked 'how can I feel more positive, more present and happier in life?'  The fact is, over 70% of people report feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted on a regular basis, and this takes away from their ability to feel content and at peace in their life. They find themselves letting out their anger on loved ones, suffering […] Read More

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Reduce Worries in 3 Easy Steps

  When I ask my clients and friends what their main health concern is, the most common response is relentless worries and mental chatter. This inability to relax their mind, be present and feel at peace, impacts not only on their mental health and happiness, but also their ability to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regime, sleep pattern and work life. So I understand why so many people want to address this once and for […] Read More

People Pleaser vs Sincere Kindness: which one are you?

Is people pleasing driving you nuts? Growing up, I felt the pressures from society to become an almighty People Pleaser… always putting others before myself. I was told by my family, teachers, society …. to always “be a good girl” and go out of my way to help others, which in theory, sounds like very admirable qualities. This came from the best of intentions. In fact, a desire to be kind and help others is […] Read More



It’s impossible not to notice the hustle and bustle rising as we approach the Christmas season, with everyone feeling the pressure of completing their work projects, buying gifts and preparing for their (ideally relaxing) break. The problem is, for most people, that busy feeling remains in their blood even once they commence their break and as they ride through Christmas and New Year’s. They feel exhausted, rushed and completely out of balance. The other challenge […] Read More


75yr Harvard study shows No. 1 ingredient for health and happiness

After 2 years of running holistic health programs in corporate workplaces, I still get asked why I spend considerable time discussing one seemingly odd - but now proven critical - life topic during a nutrition and well-being program. I've always believed this area of life was so important to get right. I see numerous men and women working hard to improve their diet, reduce stress and exercise more - all of which are important. However, even after […] Read More