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5 Easy Tips for Bliss and Balance in Your Day

Working in the corporate wellness space and having intimate conversations with so many employees on a daily basis, I’ve come to realise how stressed, anxious and ‘out of control’ most people feel these days. Because of their conflicting priorities (and a need to appear like everything is under control all the time – which is an entirely separate conversation!) they go through their days feeling completely out of balance. Here are my tops tips for […] Read More

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1 simple step to change habits for good

Do you find it hard to change habits? Does it seem impossible to stick to a healthy diet, an effective exercise routine, or a regular meditation practice to maintain balance? Whatever your health goal is, so many people just can’t seem to stick to their desired healthy habits that they know are good for them. The most common reasons reported for this are lack of time and motivation. To address the ‘time’ thing, everyone has […] Read More


A Happiness Meditation you can do on your own

  With over 70% of the workforce reporting they feel overwhelmed on a regular basis – with constant mental chatter being one of the symptoms – every day I hear people telling me they want to learn how to meditate. In addition, two-thirds say they feel they live on autopilot most days and wish they could live more meaningful, on-purpose lives, which can be helped through an effective meditation practice. The problem is, most of […] Read More

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Reduce Worries in 3 Easy Steps

  When I ask my clients and friends what their main health concern is, the most common response is relentless worries and mental chatter. This inability to relax their mind, be present and feel at peace, impacts not only on their mental health and happiness, but also their ability to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regime, sleep pattern and work life. So I understand why so many people want to address this once and for […] Read More



It’s impossible not to notice the hustle and bustle rising as we approach the Christmas season, with everyone feeling the pressure of completing their work projects, buying gifts and preparing for their (ideally relaxing) break. The problem is, for most people, that busy feeling remains in their blood even once they commence their break and as they ride through Christmas and New Year’s. They feel exhausted, rushed and completely out of balance. The other challenge […] Read More

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Create Sustainable Performance!

  Sick of feeling like you're always sacrificing your health and happiness for your career and success? Don't worry, you're not alone. In fact we surveyed 300 people working in Corporate Sydney workplaces and 87% said they felt like their work life was interfering with their their well-being and happiness! Then when we asked them WHY they thought that was happening... majority said they believed that health and success were trade-offs. So they felt they […] Read More