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1 simple step to change habits for good

Do you find it hard to change habits? Does it seem impossible to stick to a healthy diet, an effective exercise routine, or a regular meditation practice to maintain balance? Whatever your health goal is, so many people just can’t seem to stick to their desired healthy habits that they know are good for them. The most common reasons reported for this are lack of time and motivation. To address the ‘time’ thing, everyone has […] Read More

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How Amber overcame her cravings

One of my clients Amber who I’ve been working with since last August had succumbed to binge eating and sugar cravings most of her life. Her weight was always fluctuating but she desired more than anything to achieve effortless weight loss. Amber had tried every diet you can imagine, but every time, felt restricted and deprived, with the same result… weight loss and then the inevitable return of her lost kilos. The problem is – and […] Read More