Recipe for Health was created to empower busy professionals to take control of their health so they can thrive in their personal and professional life.

When Rosanna Lauria – founder of Recipe for Health – fell ill with chronic fatigue syndrome in 2012, she knew that her body and her life were out of balance. Rosanna had studied hard in school and university, building up a thriving career in banking and financial services. Rosanna assumed that to live a successful life and stay ahead of the game, it was normal to live a non-stop, fast-paced life without ever taking a break.

Taking time to reflect, Rosanna recognised that the life she was living - constantly multi-tasking and meeting the endless demands of her work and personal life, without ever taking time to stop and breathe - was affecting her health and ability to enjoy life. She had no balance amongst her busy!

Rosanna decided it was time to take back control of her health and start living every day fully. Here's what she did...



Studying holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and becoming a qualified Yoga and Meditation Teacher through the Bodhi School of Yoga, she started incorporating changes into her diet and lifestyle that began to heal her body and restore her energy.

The mindset became one of Rosanna’s most fascinating topics to study, as she recognised in herself that as you change your mindset, take responsibility for your thoughts and behaviours and let go of limiting beliefs, your life begins to change for the better and you start to live life from the driver's seat.

Just as miraculous, she discovered that slowing down actually helps you speed up! In order to live a life full of adventure and success, one must slow down and refuel to then bring about greater energy, focus and an enhanced capacity to learn and grow.

As Rosanna discovered each ingredient for restoring health and balance, she began to pass on these enchanted pieces of wisdom to friends and family who began seeing remarkable results in themselves – most commonly stress and anxiety falling; and energy and happiness rising!

This passion for helping the busy people in her life transformed into a desire and commitment to empower workplaces and busy professionals to take control of their health so they can achieve their goals and get more out of life.

Stemming from this passion, the following signature offerings were created for you:

  • To help you and your workplace overcome the overwhelm of this fast-paced society and bring back energy, resilience and passion into your office, check out Recipe for Health's signature program - the Workplace One Month Refresh.
  • For instant support, grab a copy of your D.I.Y course eBook: 8 steps to an energised life. This is a compilation of the most important changes Rosanna made in her diet and lifestyle to restore health and energy in her mind and body. These gems of wisdom form part of our corporate and private programs, which you can access for just a fraction of the price here.
  • Check out our Private Workshops where you discover your unique ingredients for finding balance in your diet and lifestyle so you can live every day fully - a customised program to overcome your specific concerns that are holding you back from achieving your goals and the life you want to live.

We also welcome you to browse around our site and check out the blog for topical health articles, resources and recipes.

If you need help getting started, contact us for a chat or email us at info@recipeforhealth.com.au.