It’s impossible not to notice the hustle and bustle rising as we approach the Christmas season, with everyone feeling the pressure of completing their work projects, buying gifts and preparing for their (ideally relaxing) break. The problem is, for most people, that busy feeling remains in their blood even once they commence their break and as they ride through Christmas and New Year’s. They feel exhausted, rushed and completely out of balance. The other challenge […] Read More


Healthy Berry Donuts

I fell in love with Jamie Oliver's Superfood Family Classics cookbook and was dying to recreate his breakfast donuts. Even though his recipes are quite healthy, I wanted to turn them gluten-free and dairy-free so I - and all of you reading - can enjoy them completely guilt-free, no matter your dietary needs. The donuts are very easy to make, although give yourself a good half hour from start to finish. You can eat them for […] Read More

Refresh Girl 1

How to stop bottling up emotions that come back to bite you

  We’ve all been there… As a young girl or boy, someone made you so angry, all you wanted to do was punch them in the face. Or someone did something that made you feel extraordinary resentment and blame towards them. Or something you did to someone else made you feel incredible guilt. And then an irreversible disaster happened that created overwhelming sadness and grief inside of you. If you pause for a moment, you […] Read More