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(Podcast) 3 Golden Nuggets for More Energy and Less Stress

Want to feel more in control? Want more peace of mind and less stress? How about more energy and less exhaustion? Then you'll enjoy this podcast where I was interviewed by Catherine Plano of the I AM WOMAN Project. Listen here where I share my story of overcoming chronic fatigue and restoring my health. Make sure you listen to the end where I share 3 golden nuggets that will transform your energy and help you […] Read More

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Create Sustainable Performance!

  Sick of feeling like you're always sacrificing your health and happiness for your career and success? Don't worry, you're not alone. In fact we surveyed 300 people working in Corporate Sydney workplaces and 87% said they felt like their work life was interfering with their their well-being and happiness! Then when we asked them WHY they thought that was happening... majority said they believed that health and success were trade-offs. So they felt they […] Read More