How to stop others dictating how you feel (Video)

  One of the most common challenges I see people face when it comes to their happiness is that they don’t feel in control of their feelings, and that they let the words or behaviours of others dictate how they feel. They allow others’ negative energy to affect them. For many people, this stops them being happy every day. If you’re sitting there thinking that you have people in your life that make you feel […] Read More


Increase your confidence in 30 seconds

Do you feel smart enough and resilient enough to deal with the pressures of your job? Do you feel good-looking enough, thin enough, or funny enough in your relationships? Do you feel rich enough, strong enough, creative enough, healthy enough, fit enough, .... to be happy and satisfied in your general life?   It really saddens me that one of the main health challenges people carry around with them is a low confidence; a feeling of lacking […] Read More