Why Slowing down helps you Speed up

I've returned from a gloriously peaceful weekend at the Golden Door Spa at Hunter Valley, teaching yoga and meditation and enjoying a slice of the bliss that surrounds this beautiful resort. I made a clear promise to myself that I would not do work (besides running my yoga and meditation classes) while I was there and that I would take time to unwind, refresh and re-energise after some very busy months. I started my days with […] Read More


5 food rules to look and feel incredible on your big day

My wedding day was one of the most exciting and fun days of my life. Not only did I declare my love to the kindest, sexiest and funniest man I know, I was also able to have a remarkable time dancing and laughing with my family and friends that mean the world to me. I felt amazingly calm on my wedding day – which I recognise is very rare! Sure, leading up to the event there were […] Read More