3 ways to get more vegetables into your diet

3 super quick ways to get more vegetables into your diet

You've all heard how important it is to get plenty of vegetables into your diet and 5 serves a day is a good place to aim. The food you eat doesn't just contribute to calories. The nutrients in those foods is information that helps the body and the brain function properly. So if you're low on energy, sleeping poorly, unable to focus at work, experiencing digestion issues or find yourself anxious or depressed often, these are […] Read More

apple slices with almond butter

Home-made almond butter with apple slices

    Whether you're after a new healthy snack, breakfast idea, or fun dessert, or just trying to get the kids to be healthier... this home-made nut butter is an incredibly simple, nutritious, and easy way to maintain your healthy diet without feeling deprived. The almonds contain protein and good fats to keep you fuller longer, and adding the sliced apple provides a nutrient kick to this hearty snack. I like to dip apple slices […] Read More

pear filled with quinoa and walnut

Pear cups with quinoa, walnut and honey (Recipe)

  I was feeling quite hungry when I came home from work on Wednesday - not an unusual event ;-) - however I hadn't been grocery shopping yet so the kitchen was a little bare. So I opened the fridge and stared at the shelves, waiting for something to magically appear. To my horror, I was unable to manifest a delicious treat, so instead I went down the old-fashioned road and decided to quickly create something. I […] Read More


Your Express Yoga Practice

  Happy Monday! People are always telling me they wish they could take more time out of their days to relax and unwind, but feel that their endless to-do lists have chained them to the fast-paced world of overwhelm and anxiety. Do you feel that way sometimes? Scientific research, along with thousands of years of traditional wisdom and experience, have demonstrated that YOGA is one of the most effective strategies to restore balance in the mind and […] Read More