Resilience Meditation – Cope better with the pressures of your busy life

Good morning and Happy Easter! I hope you had a lovely break over the long weekend. Now you're back in the swing of things and likely already feeling the heat and pressures of your busy schedule. From work to family life to getting your health back on track after all those chocolate eggs... your To-Do list is filling back up and you're wondering, how will you gather the energy and motivation to get through it […] Read More


More energy in under 30 seconds

The most common feedback I hear from people who want to improve their health is that they want more energy to get through their endless To-Do list, with extra energy leftover to enjoy their day and spend time with loved ones. However the obstacle most people identify to achieving this is a lack of time. So I've collated a list of my top 8 tips for instantly boosting energy levels - and your mood in the process - […] Read More