Take control of your health in under 13 mins a day

  Hi there energy enthusiast! So the main feedback I hear from people is that they want to clean up their diet and get their health on track, but they feel they're just too busy. Can you relate? Do you want greater health and energy but don't feel you have the time to get there? This can help! The problem with life today is that everyone is struggling to fit all of their priorities into their day […] Read More


Kiwi breakfast bowl (Recipe)

  Its summer time in Australia and the weather is hot and humid. The days are crying for a refreshing breakfast to cool us down when we wake up sticky from our warm bed. My favourite brekkie bowl right now is this scrumptious kiwi delight. Its packed with nutrients, quick to blend, and so tasty! Did you know kiwis are one of the most nutritious fruits out there? Packed with so much fibre and jam-packed with more vitamin […] Read More


Have you programmed your mind for failure? (Video)

  [VIDEO BELOW] Most people I encounter have a fairly good understanding of what's healthy and what is unhealthy. They generally know good from bad; right from wrong. However the struggle is in keeping motivated to stick to the healthy habits or the best practice - not just in health but when it comes to all areas of life. You see, the mind is programmed to gravitate towards pleasure and away from pain. Many of us have programmed […] Read More

5 steps to a stress-free, energised 2016 (FREE video lesson)

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a fun, energetic and memorable Christmas and New Year. Life can be overwhelmingly busy, particularly at Christmas time. Combined with over-eating, over-drinking and family drama, the post-Christmas 'hangover' can trickle into the new year leaving you tired, fatigued and on the road to ground hog day (another year on autopilot, not achieving your goals and resolutions). The way to avoid that is to detox […] Read More