bad neck from poor posture

How your posture is affecting your energy and performance

It’s perhaps not a surprise to hear that about 80% of train travellers are looking down at their phones for majority of their journey to work. This happens every day. It also may not surprise you to hear that most of these people are looking down towards their phones with their necks at 45 degree angles, their upper backs hunched and chests tightly closed (this may even sound uncomfortably familiar!) But what shocked me as […] Read More

its deep no it isnt

Why some people stress, while others don’t

                  Image credit: Unknown source. Created by Frits Ahlefeldt.   I’ve been running an exciting new nutrition and wellbeing challenge this month with a big four bank and we’ve identified some very interesting…and sometimes shocking… insights! The initial survey we conducted with two teams across the Bank showed that 90% of participants felt overwhelmed with their to do list on a regular basis and 70% felt they […] Read More