Do you have STRESS written all over your FACE? – Part 2

Last week I wrote about the impact of stress on your skin and how everyday tension can be ageing your skin and causing or exacerbating your skin conditions. Most people feel they can ‘handle it’ (it being stress), and feel they can simply hide the amount of stress they’re dealing with. However when that stress begins rearing its ugly head in the form of acne, aggravated psoriasis, or dull and aged skin, your stress is […] Read More

Nutritious hearty lasagne

Growing up in an Italian family, I have a soft spot for a hearty rich lasagne. Since a few years ago when I started eating a gluten free, sugar free and largely dairy free diet, I haven't dared dig into a lasagne in the fear of what it would do to my gut and energy - and perhaps my waistline ;-) !! However, I decided to cook up a lasagne on the weekend using spelt […] Read More

stressed skin1

Do you have STRESS written all over your FACE? – Part 1

We often live out our hectic lives carrying stress and anxiety inside us, thinking no one can see how overwhelmed we are from the outside. But what if the stress you experience on a daily basis (that you think you’re handling just fine) is showing up on your skin? That is exactly what research shows to be the case! From severe skin conditions, to a few pimples, to early ageing of skin cells… could stress be […] Read More