Banana-Chocolate Mousse

Here’s something sweet and creamy that is also sugar and dairy free! It will satisfy your chocolate craving without spoiling your healthy day! This Banana-Chocolate Mousse is rich and creamy, using only natural ingredients, including the superfood Cacao Powder, which is loaded with the bliss chemical anandamide and energy boosting theobromine. If you like 'dark chocolate', add extra cacao. If you prefer 'milk chocolate', add more cashews and water (1:1 ratio), more bananas, or swap […] Read More

Sesame-crusted Salmon with Chilli-Coconut Veg!

Our Stars on the Plate…. Salmon Have you heard of the saying ‘beautiful from the inside out’? Eating salmon can help you get there! The properties in Salmon boost the glow, suppleness and radiance of your skin. Salmon is a wonder food loaded with omega 3 fats, which reduce inflammation in the body, as well as prevent the risks and symptoms of a number of disorder linked to inflammation, like arthritis and heart disease. Salmon […] Read More

Energise with this Breakfast Smoothie Recipe – Beetroot, Kale & Cacao

Smoothies are fantastic because they are so easy for your body to digest, and you absorb the nutrients and energy much more readily, as the blending process has already started breaking down the foods for you. If you are healing from a virus or illness, or if you’re adrenally fatigued, it’s important not to overload your digestive system as your body wants to devote most of its energy to healing the body and strengthening the […] Read More

8 ways yoga gives athletes the advantage

As most of you know, I’m a massive advocate for yoga. It was a major contributor to my relatively fast healing of chronic fatigue syndrome, reducing the physical and mental stress in my body and restoring my energy. My regular yoga practice has benefited my life in so many ways and I’ve loved watching all my students grow, achieve their health and fitness goals, and find better clarity of mind and greater peace and happiness […] Read More