Would you rather be happy & well, or would you rather be right?

"Would you rather be happy and well or would you rather be right?" – Course in Miracles I was holding a meditation session with a client of mine this afternoon who is going through chemotherapy. The chemo has been making her very weak, and so I have stressed the importance of resting and reducing the amount of stress in her life to give her body the best chance of recovering. She has been holding a […] Read More

3 reasons I had so much energy on my trip.. and you can apply them to your every day!

I’m back from an amazing trip around Cairns and the Whitsundays where I managed to tick a few things off my bucket list, including snorkelling around the great barrier reef, feeding some sharks, and sky diving (see my funny pic below)! Loving life :-) Apart from being an exciting holiday filled with adventures, I got to do quite a bit of relaxing in the sun and visiting some of the most beautiful beaches, including the […] Read More

12 simple steps to increase energy today!

Whenever I ask people how they’ve been, the most common answer I get is tired. Today’s busy lifestyles can leave us feeling drained and exhausted, which is at odds with our aspirations to be fit, healthy and have an abundance of energy. But never fear… there are some simple things you can do today to increase your energy and start living every day fully! More H20! One of the most common reasons people feel fatigued […] Read More

Fig & Goji Berry Christmas Fruit Cake … or Muffins! (Recipe)

Fig & Goji Berry Christmas Fruit Cake … or Muffins! (Recipe) Posted on January 2, 2015 PLUS! Bonus recipe for Cashew Cream below… This recipe is so easy and I love it because you can choose to either make the fruit cake, or you can use the same mixture to make muffins for something different! The instructions below are to make the cake; however there are tips below for making the muffins too :-) The […] Read More