Lemon and ACV chicken thighs with roasted root vegies

My mother-in-law makes delicious chicken thighs marinated in oil and lemon – they come out so juicy and tender! So I’ve taken that idea and tweaked her recipe to include powerhouse ingredients like apple cider vinegar (ACV) and coconut oil (instead of olive oil). This not only makes for a deliciously satisfying chicken dinner, but one that is also really good for you! So enjoy it, guilt-free! A little bit about these powerhouse ingredients… ACV […] Read More

Stir-fry greens with chilli and olives

Stir-fry Greens with Chilli and Olives... Just like Nonna used to make!! Kind of... :-) Here's a super easy side dish for when you want to increase your greens intake! I like this dish for this time of year, as Spring is when our bodies start craving more leafy greens, but it’s nice to still eat warm foods as the nights can be a bit cool! Both my grandmothers and my mum used to make this dish […] Read More

How Stress is making you sick & fat (not that I want you to stress about it…)

I used to think it was normal to feel stressed - just part and parcel of a busy and 'successful' life. Once I began to research this more however, I was shocked at how critical it is for our health and longevity to minimise stress and live a relaxing life (at least most of the time). The scary thing is, most of us don't actually realise we're stressed, or we're in denial about how it […] Read More