Make decisions with Love not Fear

Today I went to my first networking event for people in the health and wellness industry. It was amazing! I met some really nice women, most of them just starting out in the industry. And I noticed a common theme with many of the women that really struck a chord with me. Many of these women work in corporate jobs that they don't enjoy. Jobs that are stressful, draining and leave them uninspired and worn […] Read More

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Patties

First things first... Quinoa is pronounced 'keen-wah', rather than 'kwin-oh-a'... :-) Secondly, I want to stress how EASY it is to cook quinoa. I love quinoa as its so versatile and doesn't leave you feeling bloated or heavy when you eat it. I attribute that to the fact that Quinoa is a seed not a grain (even though it is prepared like a grain) and therefore it doesn't have that starchy, heavy quality that leaves you feeling bloated like […] Read More

Beetroot, Spinach and Cacao Smoothie

After catching a virus a couple of days ago, I haven't really been able to stomach much food. But as my body is healing from the virus, I also want to make sure I'm getting lots of great nutrients. So I made myself a smoothie, cause its so easy for my body to digest. The blending process has already broken down the foods making it easy for my body to absorb the nutrients. Plus, when […] Read More

Kale-Berry Smoothie

Eating great quality, nutritious foods is one of the best ways to cleanse our bodies, aiding our natural detoxification process in preparation for the new season. As the months get warmer, 'tis also the season for our clothes to get shorter...! So swapping fast foods and sugar-laden snacks for some healthy meals can help you shed unwanted winter layers and  increase your confidence for the spring season! I love this Kale-berry smoothie recipe. It's packed […] Read More