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What we do

Recipe for Health helps busy people make health and happiness effortless, allowing them to achieve success with greater health, energy and ease. Our mission is to help you find balance, achieving your goals without sacrificing your health in the process. 

We work with businesses to design and deliver workplace wellbeing programs for their employees, along with providing 1:1 support to individuals that need support in reducing stress and getting in control of their health.

Why we do it

More than 70% of employees feel stressed and overwhelmed on a regular basis, waking up exhausted before the day even begins*.

This makes it impossible for your employees to perform at their full capacity, while taking an enormous toll on their personal relationships and quality of life.

Research has proven that investing even a small amount into your health and happiness can double your productivity, your creativity and your happiness. The key is a holistic approach that allows one to feel balanced in their busy life, while maximising their energy and motivation to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Why it works

Our programs have seen phenomenal results because they have been created by and designed for busy professionals. Our staff have all worked in the corporate sphere and have successfully overcome their own heath challenges to restore balance and become more resilient than ever. Thats why our programs are received with a great sense of trust and relatability, teaching simple, convenient and realistic strategies that the busiest of executives can manage.

Our focus is on helping people increase intrinsic motivation, take personal responsibility, build sustainable habits, change mindsets and create lasting healthy behaviours that creates health in the body, clarity in the mind, and success in life. 


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*Australian workplaces survey conducted with 500 Australian employees from the Banking, Insurance, Food Services and Construction industries 2015 – 2016.